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Cai [userpic]


April 12th, 2012 (02:42 pm)

location: Herron
mood: annoyed

I rescued someone from the Post Office on Monday. 8D


Someone Says Hi!Collapse )

Cai [userpic]


June 12th, 2011 (11:13 pm)

mood: lonely

So, I got this head in a trade back in November, got him face-upped by the amazing Lady Samhainne in December, and after a few duds from Leekworld finally got him a decent wig. :) He doesn't have his own body yet so he's borrowing Shin's SDGr body. I'm hoping to eventually get him his own body of the SD13 variety.

Ever since getting into the hobby I've loved the Link mold and have always thought they're severely underrated. When I got the chance to trade my Chrom head for one I jumped on it, and so far I love him! His name is Archer and he once acted as the older brother of Gage (they had the same adoptive parents). Him having strange hair colour and strange eyes is connected to Gage's strange colouring. I'm looking forward to taking pictures of them together. x)

There's a few more on DoA Here.

In other dolly news my DoI Dream Head is FINALLY getting a face-up. He's currently with gabriel, who did my Luke's face-up. And Mio might be getting a new face-up soon too. I've contacted Lady Samhainne about a slot and I'll be hearing back from her in about a week. I'm a bit nervous because I've had Mio so long and am sooo used to him looking the way he does, but he desperately needs an update.

Cai [userpic]

More photos, wtf.

May 19th, 2011 (12:20 am)
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mood: lazy

I actually spent some time with my dolls today. I changed a few outfits and then took Sage out for a few quick photos. Over the past few months I've been heavily contemplating selling him for several reasons, but every time I look at him it changes my mind. It'd be hard to break up Tank and Brick and Sage is just so photogenic and interesting. I just have a hard time keeping dolls with similar looks/bodies, and the only difference between him and Ender are face sculpts.

.Gentle Giant.Collapse )

Damn hunky resin boys. Once I've had them for more than a year it's hard to get rid of them. =/

Cai [userpic]

Long time no See

May 17th, 2011 (01:26 pm)

mood: geeky

Photos! For the first time in forever. It's summer now, so I have a bit more free time, which is nice.

Just a few changes have been made: Winter has a Paraiso fur wig now, Ender has his old glass eyes back (got tired of the DropRops), and August has new clothes and a new wig, though I'm thinking of going back to his old one. Hmm.

.:It"s Been a While:.Collapse )

Hoping to get more back in practice in the photo-area this summer. My dolls have been way too neglected!

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April 5th, 2010 (03:32 pm)

mood: happy

#10 arrived on Monday. I really wasn't sold on the owner photos that've been popping up so I wasn't sold on keeping him at first. I figured I'd see what he looked like in person and make my decision then. In person he is so adorable and much better than owner photos showed. He's extremely photogenic and has a very soft look to him. The fact that he looks extremely like Gackt doesn't hurt either. :p

I still don't have a name for him. I was kind of thinking of a character I've had for a while for him but I don't know if it fits. So currently I just keep calling him 'Minoru'. ^^';

The random Box OpeningCollapse )

.Someone with No Name.Collapse )

At last, a big Volks boy of my very own. <333 Hopefully I can find a name for him soon. For the record I also think the SDGr body is the best body I've ever seen/handled. It has that perfect blend of posability and aesthetic that makes me squee. He can do the most fantastic poses and curls up so nicely, making him an awesome movie-watching buddy. Yet the joints don't look weird and the lines he has even when his joints are extended are gorgeous. <3<3<3 I loooove this body!

Cai [userpic]

|. Arrival of a Nightmare .|

January 16th, 2010 (09:27 pm)

mood: cheerful
noise: My bed

I picked a certain someone up from the post office yesterday, much to Luke's dismay.

The Nightmare BeginsCollapse )

Yes, so, #9 is here. His head is smaller than Luke's which put me off at first and makes him look a bit odd on the DoI body. Now that I've been looking at him a bit more the difference just makes him look younger and like he needs a sandwich which suites his character. Eventually he'll have custom yellow-orange-red gradiant Mystic eyes but I'll be getting him some yellow glass/urethane eyes temporarily until then. I also don't know who exactly I'll be sending him to for a faceup. I have a few candidates but I still want to look around a bit.

Overall I'm pretty fond of him. The dynamic between him and Luke is something I don't have with any of my other dolls and I can't wait until Dante is more complete to do photoshoots with them. Poor Luke. Now he has to put up with his kinda batshit, bratty, illusionist of a brother. D'oh.

Cai [userpic]

Picture Post: Luke

December 23rd, 2009 (02:16 am)
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mood: dorky
noise: Gravitation

Man, I've updated more in the past 3 days than I have in the past 3 months! I suppose that's what school does to me. x_x' Today I had the entire day off again so I dragged Luke out for some photos in the melting snow. Thinking on it, I really don't think I've done a full photoshoot of Luke since getting my DSLR. It's a shame really because I still think he's one of my prettiest dolls. I'll have to do another photoshoot of him in a few weeks though because his new Mystic eyes will finally be getting here. ^^' He also has a (relatively) new outfit from Hitasura. I so love her clothes on Luke. <3

. In the Middle of the Dead Dying Snow .Collapse )

Aaah, I can't wait until Dante is here and all complete. I'm just imagining the photoshoots I can do with two brothers who hate each other. >]

Cai [userpic]

Picture Post: Ender

December 20th, 2009 (08:25 pm)
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mood: calm

We got a little bit of snow last night! And I was determined to take photos today. Instead of letting Sage have the first shoot like I said he would I grabbed Ender and dragged him out in the snow. ^^'; In my defense this guy hasn't gotten a shoot in a while either, and not many decent shots of the Droprop eyes he wears now. He's also wearing a lovely Mio sweater I bought from thesaraghina some time ago that I haven't taken off him since it arrived. Pff. It's so comfy and he looks so snuggly in it. xD It's the kind of sweater you want your boyfriend to wear when you're snuggling on the couch watching a movie in front of the fireplace. And that's probably exactly what Ender would wear a sweater like this for.

• Ender and The Boyfriend Sweater •Collapse )

I'm still unsure if I miss his darker eyes or not. :x These are really nice and bright and have a lot of personality but the darker ones make him look a bit softer I think. Hm.

Cai [userpic]

Picture Post: Sage

December 15th, 2009 (08:16 pm)
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mood: busy
noise: Ace of Cakes

I've been really AWOL recently; life has been busy and I'm just now finishing up my finals. I just have one more paper to go until I'm done for the semester! As a result I'm going through an 'ignore my dolls' phase again. :< I hope I can find time to photograph them during break.

Until then I have a left-over shoot of Sage that I've never posted anywhere. Fff. Oops. Sometimes I look at my alcove during periods like this and think 'I should really sell one of them'. Sage always seems to be near the top of that list because I already have an EID (and Ender isn't going anywhere) and I barely play with him... but he's so damn handsome. He might be the first to get a photoshoot during break.

• Sage Green •Collapse )

Now to hopefully go work on that paper. Bleh!

Cai [userpic]

Hahaha... damnit.

October 12th, 2009 (02:18 pm)

location: My room ;B
mood: excited

Yea... I just posted yesterday about a shiny new doll that will be making it's way to my house, also with the words 'I need to slow down!'


And then Iplehouse released pictures today of their long awaited Model EID body.

Warning: Nekkid Doll

I"m. In. Love.Collapse )

Uhhh... judging by that shot of his lips and a bit of his nose (and the fact it's Iplehouse) I have a feeling another tall, lankily buff boy will be in my home sometime soon. I've been waiting for this body for over a year and I am SO EXCITED. I cannot wait until they release the first boy with this body. <3 Iplehouse, WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN GOOD?!

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